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  2. Bobluka says:

    Some of the comments on here shows the lack of intelligence some people possess. Terrelle Pryor broke a stupid rule. Nevertheless, he broke the rule. However, he should not be excluded from the supplemental draft. His circumstances did change, how? He was kicked of the OSU football team period. I hope Pryor sues Goodell and the NFL if they try to exclude him from the draft. He is not a criminal, he sold his own stuff, plain and simple. He did not commit a crime or break a law. I strongly object to some of you calling him a thug or a criminal. I guarantee you this; that most of you on this blog who object to Pryor being allowed to enter the supplemental draft are white. NCAA operates a slavery/indentured servitude type system. Slaves had to sign phony papers with an X, while they signed their lives away and were cheated by the Slaveowners. Fast forward this to 2011 and what do we have, a modern-day slave system in which the NCAA has these student-athletes sign a 400 page document signing their lives away. They have to sign this document in order to play. Who reaps the profits off of the backs of these athletes? The NCAA, Colleges and Universities these athletes attend and the Networks. What do the athletes get? Free education which is great and a small stipend in which they can’t even pay their rent or auto insurance amongst other things they need. Yet in still, the NCAA, Collegiate Instutions and Networks make tens of millions of dollars off the backs of these athletes. Just like back during slavery, the Slaveowners profitted off the backs of slaves. It took a war to end slavery in 1865 and then the US Government had to add an amendment to the US Constitution to finally outlaw slavery and involuntary indentured servitude once and for all. But apparantly, this slavery system is alive and well in the 21st century with NCAA being modern-day slaveowners and the student-athletes being treated as slaves/indentured servants under this outrageous system. Please, do yourselves a favor by not commenting on this when you don’t have all the facts and you don’t understand the legal aspects of the law regarding this matter. The United States is a country that was created based on laws and principles. It would be a grave injustice if the NFL excluded Terrelle Pryor from the supplemental draft. IT WAS HIS OWN STUFF THAT HE SOLD. HE DID NOT STEAL IT. HE EARNED THE MEMORABILIA FAIR AND SQUARE PERIOD. GET OVER IT AND LET THE NFL DO THE RIGHT THING, BY LETTING TERRELLE PRYOR PARTICIPATE IN THE SUPPLEMENTAL DRAFT!

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